Part of LSU Societies we are the only club at Loughborough to offer affordable flying.The training is reasonably priced with the chance to become a solo glider piot in 3-6 months, but that's only the start, once a solo pilot you can progress your new found aviation skills further and train for aerobatics and cross country flying.

Members with cars offer lifts to the airfield at weekends and as a club we organise expeditions to other airfields throughout the year.

Join our Facebook Page to hear the latest on events being organised both flying and social, we also post any useful information regarding flying days. Sign-up only costs £65 for the year, to join please visit our LSU Societies Website and click join. All other fees can be found here.

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  • What to Bring to the Airfield

  • Completed Membership Forms
  • Warm Clothes
  • Suitable, outdoor shoes
  • Food for lunch, snacks can be bought on the airfield
  • Petrol money for your driver (£5)
  • Payment for your flying - Cash or Credit/Debit Card Fees


Round 2 of the Winter Series will be held at Sutton Bank Airfield in Yorkshire. This is a national event run by UK Junior Gliding. Where junior pilots from across the county come to fly from different sites. All pilots of any skill level are welcome. LSUGC will be taking some people down. If you are interested get in touch with the committee. Everyone had a really good time at round 1 in Denbeigh so hopefully we can get more people involved in round 2.

Feel free to contact us on or message us on the facebook page!

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